5 things to consider before joining Merchant Navy

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    Are you someone looking to join the merchant Navy? If yes, then there are few things you should consider before you do so. It can be debated endlessly if joining the merchant nay is actually a good career choice or not but these five points will help you learn “why” and “what” of joining the merchant navy:

    Are You Qualified?

    The merchant navy is not all inclusive and requires some specific qualifications to be joined. You need the right kind of marine qualification gained from specific navy merchant academies. This is largely because each country has different standards and requirements in the academic curriculum for becoming navy merchants, so gaining a qualification from your own country is imperative to learn about how to perform your duties and law’s associated with navy merchants.

    Pick The Accurate Job

    There are quite a few job option for marine merchants that’s range from non-technical professionals to able-bodied seamen. It is entirely up to you what kind of job you want to pursue as navy merchants but keep in mind almost all of these come with crucial responsibilities that need to be upheld. You are the best person who can judge your own capabilities so think and choose wisely.

    Fitness and Health

    One of the most important qualification needed to join merchant navy is fitness and good health. If you lack either of these, chances are you won’t make it. This is mainly because marines have to stay on a ships for quite a bit of time, so on board health and fitness become a major concern. Life on a ships needs more physical fitness, so those who lack physical fitness and health cannot be a part of the Marines.

    Social Life

    If you are someone who can’t make it without meeting friends for a day or two or without interacting with the world for extended period of time, then it is highly advised you steer clear of the merchant navy career. Since merchant navy is all about business and commercial undertakings at ocean, the merchant vessel spends a lot of time on the sea than on port. So, for anyone thinking about interacting with the world while being a navy merchant is extremely wrong. You will be at sea for most of the time and will only stop at ports for short durations to pick up the merchandise. It is also advised people who have deep emotional attachment to their family or loved ones should stay away from the job as well.

    Attitude and Personality

    You will be staying at sea with a group of people with which you will be required to interact on a daily basis. The job requires you to meet with different people from around the globe and adjust to different cultures. But for a person who does not interact with people that much, or finds it more convenient to stay alone, the job could prove to be difficult. Additionally, the people on board will only be around 20-30 so the chances of you having to work together regardless of any bad blood will extremely high. This is why it becomes main part before joining merchant navy to know what type of personality you have and how you can deal with inconveniences if caused by others.

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