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    Every individual carries different preferences, hobbies, and family background so it’s not wrong to say that - the standard of living of every single person strongly based on these factors. But there is one more important factor which we escape – it is occupation. An individual job and designation plays an important role to shape a person’s life and also its life style. A sound job makes a person more recognizable than his own name. It eventually became its identity and it sets the individual standard of living even more high. Some of the most standard oriented designations are doctor, engineer, lecturer, business man, mariner and so forth.

    • In the event that you have desired for exploring the world, then as a mariner you have the opportunity to see the world for free. With long port stays you get the opportunity to see the absolute most fascinating spots on earth for nothing.
    • Other than hefty pay scale, there are many other financial advantages that a mariner could appreciate. For instance govt. of India gives seafarers the status of NRI who sail for 182+ days a year. This makes you qualified for tax benefits. So it’s like whatever you are paid, you take the entire sum home as there are no costs on boat and govt. doesn't tax you.
    • On the off chance that you are in no rush to pass the promotion exams, then you can go through long occasions with your family and friends.I challenge no other job provides this, particularly this sounds genuine huge when you have companions working for software houses like TCS, infosys and so forth where getting 3 days leave for one's own marriage is like a winning a war.
    • When you are on sail you inhale the purest air on earth. With no pollution at sea, you will be living in the purest environment on earth.Individuals on board are not bossy in nature. There will be numerous nationals on boat and individuals are benevolent on board.

    All the benefits of mariner profession genuinely contribute a mariner to dignify his standard of living to the next level. In case if you are also thinking to establish your carrier as a mariner so get yourself enroll in Maritime training institute in Gurgaon and start your preparations for Pre sea training in India.

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