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    Top 10 reasons why merchant navy is a great Career option

    After completing 10+2 in India, majority of students are not very certain about the career path they need to take. One career option they must consider is Merchant Navy, it has the potential which can supersede other run of the mill career choices. In this article we are sharing the top-10 reasons why merchant navy in India is an awesome career option.

    Great Salary package

    First thing first, salary is the prime advantage why most of the students take up the career option of Merchant navy. Starting salaries and subsequently fat salary packages as compared to the peers in traditional jobs makes it a very attractive preposition.

    Salary remains tax free

    Since you don’t station yourself in land for long duration, it gives you a tangential advantage in terms of saving tax. In highest bracket, tax deduction is 30% in general. Merchant Navy is a career option which allows you to save it.

    Be a Global traveler

    In merchant Navy you travel the whole world at somebody else’s expense. It can’t get better than this. You get time on port where ship is docked to visit the places.

    NRI status

    As you are a traveler and spend majority of time outside India, it is equivalent to a status of an NRI .

    Demand teaches you Professionalism

    This is a profession in which sincere importance is given to Professionalism and time. Work ethics has these qualities embedded in it.

    Good learning to tackle emergencies

    Merchant navy profession teaches you to tackle emergencies, education and experience enables the mind set which helps in developing a mindset which takes quick and wise decision.

    Adventure is a synonym

    Career in merchant navy has regular adventures to face. This career profession is ideal for candidates who loves adventure and fun in life. If you are of this mindset, it can be the right career path for you which will give you the feeling of work cum pleasure.

    Limited qualifications will do

    With limited studies as well you can proposer in career. As mentioned in the first point, salaries drawn in Merchant Navy is pretty good and this can be achieved by achieving less demanding qualifications.

    Regulated lifestyle

    You get a chance to have a great life in sea and in land. You get long vacations every year and that too remains a paid one which allows you to maintain a great life style when you visit you home. You can catch up all the work which is pending also have ample time which can be spent with the family members.

    Extended vacation on your own choice

    For mariners it is said that it’s a continuous vacation.

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