Being a Merchant Navy Officers Wife

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    Every woman wishes to travel the world with her prince charming. How about a pizza in Italy, hot cup of fresh milk in Swiss, handmade croissant in France; Well, though this is clearly an exaggerated dream of a merchant navy officer’s wife, that’s THE dream. A merchant navy officer’s profile wins the race for the most intimidating job opportunity, hand down. Let us face facts, no indian (typical) mother will praying to Lord Ganesha for her son to live 6 months in the sea and 6 months in the land, unless the family has been serving the country for generations.

    The man under the white uniform carries adventure in his very demeanour, however at a price. Long voyages not only command physical agility; but seeps its way through his mind and stays as a reminder that he is surrounded by the nothingness of the ocean for half of the year. While he plays the captain and stands guard for the ship and his crew, his mind can wander away to his loved ones living 1000 miles away in their own busy world.

    Considering the level of intimacy and dependency shared by a couple to lead a healthy marriage, it takes two highly emotionally strong individuals to handle the togetherness and separation on a constant basis. Though the officer sails away, it is the wife who gets to stay back under the same roof and is left reminiscing. We have to agree, that boredom can never crawl its way through this relationship and the couple will always get to enjoy the initial rush of “newly married” forever.

    While marriage can kill the monotony vein, how will the woman ever get bored when she gets to change her city every 3 years with the transfer letters bouncing off his desk. When she moves from one city to another, she bids a genuine goodbye to the relationships that she has made in the meantime. She embraces the new morning, in a strange land surrounded by unknown faces and she gets settled to build another cozy home for her family.

    Common man envies defence officials for all the perks they receive, it is a heavily loaded price for the men for being out there, so that we can rest in our comfort zones. An emotionally sound man is always supported by a strong woman. He packs his luggage and leaves to his ship, knowing his woman can take his place and play the role of a father and a mother. She creates, carries and nourishes her little nest and transforms into the tree and roots in her beloved’s absence.

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