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    Career in merchant navy

    Standing on the deck of a gorgeous ship, riding the ravishing waves of the vast and gigantic ocean wearing your white spotless uniform with the twinkle of a conqueror in your eyes. This is the reason enough to join the most promising career of merchant navy.

    A Merchant Navy career is a unique blend of variety embraced in a single domain. When you opt for a merchant navy career, you look can forward to combining a lot of different façades and gain a lot of exposure of which you could only dream of in any other job. Though we think you already had the reason to be part of merchant navy but we still list down a few more:-

    Rewarding Pay-Packages: The biggest incentive for anyone to take up a profession is the appeal of pay-packages and salaries. The merchant navy scores pretty well on this front. It offers exceptionally high payment scales, even for fresh entrants, starting at about US$ 1,500 and going up to about US$ 2,000 per month. The payment scales are compliant with the existing IMO (International Maritime Organization) and ILO (International Labour Organization) laws.

    The salary in merchant navy may vary from company to company and based on the qualification and the position held by an individual.

    Tax Holidays: Taxation is an important responsibility that everyone is wary of. Though, people in the merchant marines are exempted from paying taxes, provided they meet the requirements necessary. A merchant navy professional has to spend a minimum of six months on-duty aboard a vessel and then could enjoy tax holiday for the financial year.

    Destinations Galore: Merchant marines get to travel to exotic destinations across the whole world. This is quite an experience which only few other jobs offer. And since you are required to spend extended periods of time at sea, time is on your side when it comes to exploring these wonderful destinations.

    Convergence of Cultures: A merchant marine professional gets a vivid and vast exposure to the different world cultures as they meet and mingle with people of different cultures and nationalities. This is an enriching experience that makes them a true world citizen.

    Regulated life-style & Broad Exposure: Punctuality and discipline are two very vital qualities that you will gain through a merchant navy career. These two qualities are the demand of the daily job and are thus imbibed right from college training days.

    The job as a merchant navy professional includes exposure to unexpected events, situations and emergencies. This makes them tough and emboldens their decision making skills. They are ready to face any challenge and know how to handle difficult situations.

    Less-demanding Qualifications: You can make your move towards a career in merchant navy immediately after clearing the high school examinations (physics and mathematics required). It is the most feasible choice if you don’t wish to pursue higher studies for any reason. Unlike other options available after high school studies, merchant navy offers much better pay and also helps in moulding a better career. Although, there are career in merchant navy that do require higher qualifications as well.

    Extended Vacations: The long working periods are equally compensated with the vacations. You can enjoy the best of both worlds – land and water. A 2-4 months of paid vacation is definitely enough to unwind and pursue all your passions, isn’t it?

    People with unconcealed enthusiasm and appetite for life can very well pick a merchant marine career. It would be gratifying without the person ever suffering any regrets in his profession of choice.

    Are you ready to ride the waves and conquer the oceans???

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