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  • Career in Merchant Navy

    The word Merchant Navy came into use when King George V bestowed the same heading on the British Merchant fleet of ships after they extracted admirable services during the First World War. Still, in modern times Merchant Navy indicates the fleet of Merchant Containers that are registered in a country and used to transport goods and people. At times of war, Merchant Navy may be called to transport backups to the advanced posts of the Naval Marines.

    Merchant Navy get importance during the world wars when it provided large support to the Navies of the warring states. Merchant Navy thus, became a championed career choice.

    Life at Sea Yesterday

    However, Life at Sea in the past was a hard condition. Due to lack of up-to-date communication systems which ships proudly presents today, a job in the Merchant Navy could become a deadly or risky situation? There was no technique to know for sure whether the seas would remain cool or not. The job of a seafarer was in fact one of the most volatile careers. Crew of a Merchant Ship would be out in the waters for months at a stretch without any news of their relatives or the rest of the world. Thus, Sea-Voyage stories were always exciting and attractive with lots of surprising events and with touches of tragedy.

    Life at Sea Today

    The high-tech developments in the field of communication certified that Life at Sea today is a safer and much more relaxed affair. Advanced radar systems and satellite communication provides early warnings about weather conditions and the GPRS systems provide the exact location of the ship. Refined gadgets providing wireless internet access, wireless-enabled capability for cell-phones etc. now enable the crew to stay in touch with the rest of the world.

    Why to Select Merchant Navy as a Career?

    Merchant Navy is one of the most popular professional careers. The high degree of skill which has replaced the carefree ways of the seamen, better safety and communication systems and better salaries and growth chances have pushed jobs in Merchant Navy to be one of the highest career selections. The prearrangement of leaves is modified to suit the life of seafarers. A member of Merchant Navy works for 9 months and stays home for 1 month. Merchant Navy offers a career of high status and reputation. It can be said that Career in Merchant Navy is a promising one.

    There are training colleges which provide Maritime Training Courses that sufficiently help in the selection to the Merchant Navy. Now a days training institutes have tie-ups with shipping companies for placements of the trainees.

    Among the Merchant Navy training institute in Gurgaon, Seafarers shipping services pvt. Ltd of Merchant Navy is a prominent name with a reputation of high placements. Online application registrations and enquiries regarding the opportunities offered at Seafarers shipping services pvt. Ltd of Merchant Navy can be made at

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