Do you want work on a cruise ship? What’s there in the store

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    To step and work on a Cruise Ship is a seafarer’s ultimate dream. It gives a high just thinking how it feels to work while wandering, meeting different peoples, or merely having a vacation that is every penny worth remembering. These are the common reasons which immediately comes to our mind why most of us seek to try going onboard on a cruise or work onboard a cruise ship after completing the marine training.

    On spending a week in a cruise ship, you will figure out a different type of culture onboard. Crew works on a different shift and they have restrictions to follow, and regulations to implement. If its looked from a common person eye it will be quite contrary to think that these guys work in an environment that you are not enjoying.

    First thing First!

    It is beyond doubt that while working on cruise ship always remains a rewarding experience for any seafarers. It comes with few downsides also however kind of perks, salaries and befits comes along with the job make it little less points of consideration.

    Safety is never ever compromised on the ship. Right from the moment travelers step onboard the craft, to its trips at port, and back on the vessel again, everything is coordinated to perfection. There is always a Plan B available.

    Crew members get free time when they reach the ports, it rejuvenates their senses. It is certainly something that each crew member was waiting for, after a long travel in the sea.

    The operating conditions on the cruise ships are something on a very decent side, along with it crew is well fed and well compensated during the course.

    Positive mindset segregates the winner

    Working conditions generally remain the main point of discussion who are enquiring to work on a cruise ship. In simple words as a seafarer it is not very easy to work on the ship as compared to the lifestyle on land. Family is not there to accompany you for long durations. Food sometimes though available in plenty however is mismanaged. One point though which will make you happy is to discuss on the salary, though sometimes few employees have complaints about the salary.

    Pick your battle wisely

    You are bound to hear mixed reviews, if something comes negative your way try to avoid and get the firsthand experience which shall come from the horse’s mouth. Talk to people who have worked on cruise liners.

    Do This! Or Else…

    At this point of time you may have multiple career options or your ambitions can be several. Best is to chalk them down along-with pros and cons and weigh which one is closest to your final target. Ship jobs are monotonous, that’s why it is said job can be mastered easily. The ultimate question you need to ask is, how are you going to adapt to it.

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