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    Exciting Life At Deck

    Whoa! What a life! Everyone would feel a little jealous! Life of a mariner or 'The life of a Mariner'

    Standing on a deck. Calm, serene winds, open sea, under the sky, gazing at the galaxies. As a mariner by choice, have conquered every sea & ocean, been & seen all the continents, have crossed all the paths to learn and believe what shape is our planet, and earned what you call as 'globe trotter'’.

    Have you ever wondered how is the life of a Maritime person on deck - Marine life runs in 2 distinct?

    Periods: life at sea and life ashore. Life ashore is what most of us already know however life at the deck is still an unknown territory which general audience is not aware of.

    The best part which comes with Marine Engineering is that you get a chance to cherish the local hospitality & visit sights across the Globe, and you don’t even have pay a penny for it. Since half of the time is being spent on ship hence there great new friendships are formed on the board. In fact, some friendships are formed in first few days of Marine life are formed for a lifetime. It's one of the finest parts of Marine life. How many jobs do you know which pay to remain fit! Needless to say, life on the deck has this advantage. On several ships, you can play a lot of sports as well which they would on land.

    Did we tell you that loooong vacations come as part and parcel of the job? The period in which you are on land at home – Marines get a chance to catch up with all the personal work. In fact on the ship as well, sailors have enough time with them where they can introspect and it can be utilized for self-learning. On traveling and meeting the cross-border territories, sailors are generally multilingual as they meet with them during the course.

    And now the revelation!!! According to Indian laws, if you are not present in India for 182 days, you are not supposed to pay tax. So, if your contract is more than 182 days in a year, NO TAX!! And don’t miss the point that salaries are paid in dollars. What better proposition there can be?

    Life at sea is not only glamorous but involves a lot of hard work too. Only passion towards working will keep you going with the pace. One doesn't qualify directly as a Naval officer or a deck Officer,

    It is hard work, tempting but at times lonely too. But life is how you take it - straight or adventurous!

    To work as a mariner is what we recommend all the people who wish to take life as a challenge.

    Truly said by Helen Keller '' Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all"

    Are you ready to drop the anchor???

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