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    Family of a Mariner

    Home is where the family is!!!

    This indeed is true for all of us, however, only an 'irony' for seafarers!

    Each day feels like a week, and a week as a month..

    You already feel homesick, when you think the most of it, and isolation keeps you feel nostalgic like a biggest punishment ever.

    But there is always a flip-side. What isolation doesn't do, the craving can do better! Craving to go home and to meet family and craving to spend some good time along...

    Life at ship is a township floating at the sea disconnected from the other part of the world. This career is full of evaluation, assessment and competitiveness, where a single mistake can become larger than life.

    Every individual knows what pressure and limits his career offers. Its certainly not an easy piece of cake at the sea - it can be heaven or it could be hell- its the perspective that changes the way of life.

    The maiden journey is a little difficult to deal with, but soon it becomes a routine in the mariner's life.

    Usually, it depends on the ship that a mariner travels, how much leaves he gets. It can be a quarter year or even less at times on board and equal time off board. Only Second Officer and the posts beyond like Chief Engineer, the Chief Officer and the Captain are allowed to take their families on the ship. Of course you miss your family when on the ship but the advantages are really big to crave enough for 90 days or even lesser sometimes. Ships really pay you big, probably three to four times better than anyone on the land of your cadre. Healthy remuneration is one thing that makes craving a small thing than earning big. Besides, ships takes you to different places all the time it sails. Peaceful long voyages unlike the daily run around job on the land. Freshest air and picturesque sights is what one lives with on the ship.

    This lucrative things keep you at peace on the ship.

    As mentioned, depending on the vessel or tanker that you are sailing with, decides your paid vacation time. When at home one can be ''really'' at home with the family; unlike the ones at the land. There is absolutely no timelines. Day and nights are ruled by you. They start when you get up and night sets when you decide. All at a paid vacation, like no other job offers.

    The Life of 'The' Mariner, indeed, maintains its balance in everything.

    When at work, gives one a full reason to justify the work without much exasperation of timelines and when at home just get pleased with the luxury.

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