How to join Merchant Navy after 10+2?

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    A high school graduate dreads one single question, “So what do you wish to become?” Most of them simply flash nervous smiles when asked, because of one simple reason. It is impossible to choose a career without knowing its future prospects. Merchant navy industry blasts this question mark to pieces because of the transparency in their entrance exams and other joining criteria. They target straight at a 16 year old’s thirst for adventure and their urge to live life on the edge. Though Indians tend to ape the west every possible way, the navy breeze warps us too with international universities promoting their merchant navy courses exclusively; City of Glasglow College has come up with Merchant Navy Career Awareness Day where the interested candidates meet the who’s who of this industry!

    Moving on, career in Merchant Navy has been attracting quite a bit of attention over the last decade due to it easy entrance process. The rankers and toppers belonging to the rural segment, who find it hard to afford a city college graduation, usually turn towards simple diploma or polytechnic courses. Enters: Maritime and Marine Training Course.

    A transformation of a rookie into an expert requires a minimum of 7-8 years from working in the chosen field and that is where this industry creates Captains from scratch. The criteria to apply for any post in this industry requires a 10th or a 12th certificate with above an average of 60% in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. The age bar is between 16-25 years. The first rung job for the young grads would be deck or navigation cadets. The candidates undergo thorough medical and physical fitness tests before being given the pre-sea training.

    This 9 month course helps the interested to-be-sailors to have the first taste of the sea. They will be receiving real life training modules for deck and engine maintenance. The candidate can skip this training and directly proceed towards becoming a marine engineer if he/she has pursued B.E in mechanical / technology / electric engineering.

    However, private agencies are always on the search for grads holding specialized marine engineering degrees. This 4 year course strengthens one with all aspects starting from designing, installation to the operation of specific mechanisms: maintenance of the propulsion, fuel lamp, water distillation, air conditioner, refrigeration, awareness of safety & emergency measures and fuel & automation.

    While graduates can gain entry into the ship as second officer, third officer and other junior officers or as specific deck staff, an additional MBA degree or Masters Degree in Marine Engineering can directly open the gates for higher posts like Chief Engineers, Radio officers, Electrical engineers, Marine Psychologists, Captains and Chief Officers.

    Life at sea requires much more qualifications apart from the ones listed above: Inner and mental strength, survival of solitude, physical agility and comfort of socializing and living with strangers. Ahoy to that!

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