Interview Tips for Maritime Jobs

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    With the adventure bug stinging almost every young adult, we in Seafarers which is Merchant Navy Training Institute in Delhi hear many saying NO to desk jobs and turn towards nature. What can be better than being a sailor and not a pirate, with the government/ company taking special care of your needs. If it sounds good to you, we are not surprised that you wish to read on. If you have bumped across this blog, we assume that the ocean already wishes to draw you to her and congrats on choosing a profession that can make you live every moment on the edge. It is adventurous, thrilling and you would never wish for the ride to be over. Pre Sea Training in Delhi allows you the first career move which will open several doors for you.

    First things first. Let’s get you prepped up for the big day, your gateway into the sea!

    Tip 1 – Be yourself

    As much as it is best to show off your knowledge that you have acquired over the maritime course it is best not to come out too strong to men who have been one with the sea, all their years. Your interviewers wish to see what you are made of, your true self. Ignoring its inbuilt philosophy, drop all the make-believe interview winning tricks that you have noted down, simply because they will not work. The purpose behind popular interview methods such as pressure tests, riddles and problem solving methods are just to test your inner pulse. Be a real person on your interview and let the pressure not enter your head.

    Tip 2 – Why do you need this job?

    This is the place where all your preparations might slither away in a corner. As much as you must answer this question cleverly, hold on to your truth. A maritime job carries risks along with its adventure. Unless your interviewers are 100% confident that you have a strong heart, passion for the job and willpower, you might still end up at the back of their list. Oscillating between sea and land is a tough job. Unleash your strength and passion when you are posed with this question

    Tip 3 – What’s running in your mind?

    As much as we are against playing mind games or seeking law of attraction to get this job, a few factors do play a major role in you hearing “You’re Selected”. Have a calm and cool demeanour. That goes well with your body and mind. As much as you don’t wish for this, your interviewers can pick up your mental vibes and they can throw srong intuitive guesses about your personality. It is not only important to communicate the message only via your body signals, but also mentally. Having a king-size breakfast and a good 8 hour sleep will automatically help you stay calm when you knock on their door.

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