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    The first Indian ship that had set sail on 1919, held a Swadeshi flag proudly flying at its deck. Our first ever venture into the unknown mother ocean, was a long journey from Bombay to London. To this day, April 5 is celebrated by our voyaging hunks to commemorate Walchand Hirachand Dhoshi. Indian being tucked neatly under the claws of Britain left its scars not only on common people. Renowned merchants were few steps away from careers where the white held the throne. The British marked the ocean also as their territory during the First World War to keep their sailors and warriors well equipped with food, weaponry and few raw materials. It is also believed the term “Merchant navy” was coined by the then King George V after World War One to recognize the unseen heroes amidst the waves.

    It took another 6 years for Indian to commemorate the advent of yet another revenue producing industry. With only few captains voyaging with their loyal cadets, there was very little training available for the interested Indian mass. One man changed the course of this glorious profession, Ramdas Katari. With zero training being provided, he dedicated his life in training thousands of young passionate Indians who transformed into strong walls of Indian merchant navy. The veteran was lost, forgotten as many captains thronged the sea. However, he is the golden captain that led India set the sail.

    S.P Sivaswamy Iyer is the man who flagged off merchant navy training academies in India and also introduced Ramdas Katori to the future of this industry. Flourishing as a lawyer in early 1900s’, he quickly climbed the ladder and became a notable representative in the Indian Council. He was appointed as the Advocate –General of Madras Presidency and also became in the Vice Chancellor of Madras University in 1916. Convinced of being a well educated Indian, he strongly suggested a training medium for the to-be sailors.

    The resolution was passed on March 1926 to initiate Indian Mercantile Marine. They acquired the troopship Dufferin and set a 3 year course with 26 cadets on board. TS Dufferin sailed for a period of 67 years and trained around 2500 cadets. Ramdas katari who later became the first ever commander in chief, was one among the 26 cadets in TS Dufferin. This led to building another ship for training and practices names after King Rajendra Chola. TS Rajendra proudly held the ground for training 250 cadets at any point of time and victoriously marched the sea for 21 long years.

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