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    Hi, I am a doctor / dentist / engineer raised brows centuries earlier. A profession defines an individual. With movies like Zindagi Na Milegi taking its turns, youngsters wish to pretend their coolness (atleast). With social media eating up a person’s energy in making louder noise about their lives, they resort to making all choices in their lives based on the number of likes their decisions can fetch. Placements in merchant navy is their career which must be based on their passion can also be driven out of choosing the most outdoorsy, adventurous profession and the first profession to top the list is being a merchant navy sailor

    You can register yourself!

    You need a 12th degree with an average of 60% or more for Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Sounds easy right? Followed by an NDA exam or if you wish to. Else, you can pursue Merchant Navy diploma course and straightaway apply for a CDS exam. This is the catch, the CDS exam will be held once in a year. Your age limit to get an entry into the ship is 22 years. Are we riding the pressure engine or what? An average mind can experiment and can take a call on their career only at the age of 25!

    War at sea

    Well, you get to gaze at the waves dance in the moonlight, watch dolphins follow your ship, you can enjoy a beer on your deck with your shipmates. The coin has another side too. What happens when your ship is hijacked by pirates? A war on land is known and recognised and people from all over the country send their prayers for you. War cries in the sea echoes only in emptiness. With another thousand kilometres filled with nothing but water, you can win or lose, it cannot reach your heart. Cheers! You have kept yourself alive though and chances of it are far remote.

    How sane can you be?

    Being away from family and living with a bunch of horny men can take a toll on you, if not for the frequent trips to Anthapura. The girls and the wine can satisfy you, never satiate you. Though the playboy stories from a sailor can sound enticing, somewhere he is filling a gap and fights loneliness day and night. Away from family and living in the middle of nowhere is a misery, irrespective of the booze and the chickas, Chauvinism is the shade of a sailor.

    How social are you?

    Yes the pay-scale and perks do tease your bank account and probe you to remain in the sea. What can be better than your family under the safe wing of your shipping company with special privileges that makes their everyday living easier? Well, that applies for a Navigation officer or maybe an electro technical officer. As a sailor you have a long ladder ahead of you.

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