About Merchant Navy Institute in India

SEAFARERS SHIPPING SERVICES is a fully-equipped Maritime Training Facility,with High-technology teaching facilities.

About Seafarers

The SEAFARERS SHIPPING SERVICES India is a premium Merchant Navy Training institute in India and one of the finest training institute provide maritime training.

SEAFARERS SHIPPING SERVICES was established as a Crew- Management Company that meet all International standards in shipping. We started out by managing the crew on Foreign bound vessels.

In 2011 SEAFARERS SHIPPING SERVICES instituted its own training center – the SEAFARERS SHIPPING SERVICES Pvt. Ltd. Merchant Navy Training Institute in India. We have earned ourselves a global repute as a Center of Excellence in maritime and merchant navy courses training and education and are known worldwide for offering the top-most training standards, world-class facilities, and a complete range of courses to cater the needs of the Shipping industry. We operate as a non-commercial entity that provides quality training, accommodation and food for the cadets at very nominal cost.

We are all about Ships !!! Even our facility is built to function like a ship. The main building hosts offices, Mess room as well as galley on the first floor. The ground floor is the trainee’s floor that hosts trainee’s dormitories, Seamanship workshop, water tanks, power generator and laundry rooms etc.

We provide trainees, qualified ratings and officers to shipping corporations worldwide. SEAFARERS SHIPPING SERVICES in India works on the principle that excellence, quality and commitment to client satisfaction are key to our existence.

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Our Placements Companies

  • Thorisen & Co., (Bangkok) Ltd. Thailand.

  • Nathalin Management Co., Ltd., Thailand.

  • Green Valley L.L.C., Dubai

  • Linda Steel Shipping Co. Pvt. Ltd.

  • Manzali Shipping., Syria

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