Deck Cadet Courses Training in Delhi

About Deck Cadet Courses Training Program

Seafarers is pioneer in Deck Cadet Courses Training in Delhi and grooms you for work at sea. Our Deck Cadets Course training is designed for grooming deck and engine cadets to become qualified and proficient officers of the Seafarer fleet. This program is made up of three training blocks that consist of lectures as well as practical work about ship-related tasks which is followed by cadetship/sea service as a rating for 4 months. The cadets go through a rigorous merchant seamen training which is aimed at helping them to become dexterous and competent in various tasks, passing through the various ranks on the ship. During the sea service, each cadet is tasked to completely update his training workbooks so as to document his training progress. The last training block assists the cadets in their preparation for the final licensure examination.

Job responsibilities of a Deck Cadet

Only after successful completion of training, they are provided the designation of deck officer. A deck cadet is supposed to perform following tasks.

Deck cadet’s job description is to assist the Navigation Officer in making sure that the ship carries up to date and ample charts and applicable nautical publications. Along with this, they also help in the groundwork of voyage report, daily position reports, vessel’s passage plan, and the information sheet of pilot. They are also supposed to maintain the bridge emergency signals and communications.

Deck cadets are also tasked to perform few port operations such as observing and supervising the arrival as well as departure of ships, meeting several port administrators and managing some other parts of a ship’s business. Also, they have to direct crew members for loading and discharging cargo while ensuring that the task is performed well at various Stcw training centers. Nautical Preparations: Deck cadet confirms that the vessel is totally prepared for the voyage. The Cadets are also accountable for checking the charts and nautical flags and completely make sure that all essentials are present and updated. They also make themselves acquainted with the route of the ship and other important information.

Deck cadet also helps in maintaining the record keeping while on board the ship. It comprises of systematic updating of the ship’s logbook, daily position reports and nautical charts. Cadets also have to check the accuracy of these records.

The Seaman book is issued only after the completion of the STCW’95. We produce the Librerain/Panama/Belize CDC which requires the following:

  • Scan Copy of Passport.
  • 4 Mandatory basic STCW (EFA/FPFF/PST & PSSR)
  • 5 passport size photographs.

The most elementary responsibility of a deck cadet is repairs and maintenance of different areas of a ship. A deck cadet might be asked to manage the maintenance of a particular deck and he would have to give directions to other crew members operational in this area.

Deck cadet assists in supervising, maintaining and repairing all the lifesaving equipment such as rescue boats, survival crafts, launching appliances, pilot ladders, safety belts etc. Along with this, they also assist in supervising, maintaining and repairing different firefighting equipment. Marine industry is growing continuously and is expected to grow more in near future with the increasing demand of global trade and transportation. Shipping industry offers a large number of employment opportunities to individuals. Therefore, it is a great idea to choose a career in this field. If you choose to acquire the position of entry level deck cadet then you will be soon promoted to the position of a deck officer by successfully completing your training

Minimum 17 ½ and Maximum 25 years of age at the time of Admission.

  • Written test (Basic English, Mathematics & General Knowledge)
  • Oral Interview

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Math (60%) and English(50%).
  • Medical Test (Including Eyesight 6/6 criteria)